Like the name, this is my go to for clean, straight to the point and cool imagery. G1 Cool Girl has just the right hint of blues and the perfect amount of warmth to still keep the integrity of your inner cool girl. This is my secret OG Greylayers Desaturated -Clean recipe that you all have grown to love since I first started. I hope you’ll love her even more now.




Full disclosure: Presets are your guide to creating a look. Depending on variables like location, lighting, indoor/outdoor, weather, type of camera used, lens, setting and skin tones, each photo can come out different. Adjusting contrast, saturation and exposures among the many tools can help you customize your images!

This sale contains ONE preset.

Due to the nature of this handmade supply, refunds will not be offered.

*The #GetGreylayered presets are only for Adobe Lightroom use. These presets are best used on RAW images. May also be used on JPEG images.