Dropping my [w]rap album in stores soon

December 18, 2014

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They say good things come in small packages. I deteste. Perhaps the best ones will be coming in brown packages this year.



I never liked the cliche holiday wrappers everyone uses. The ones that yell Happy-Jingle-Bells Merry-Christmas-and-a-very-crazy-new-year or something similar to that. Simple is clean and clean is elegant. Plus cheaper * insert moms clap as they read this *.

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Take Off

December 17, 2014

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The year is coming to a close while tons and tons of doors open for GreyLayers. I couldn’t be happier! Landing your dream job while being your own boss and loving everything you do is the first part to success. Or actually, may I correct that to being the only definition to success.

jeanne-4122 jeanne-4092

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How to LA in a day

December 15, 2014

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Last time I stepped foot into the city of Angels was when poor old me was 12 years old. Lost, cold in its 75 degree weather and wearing her grandma’s sweater. I was fresh off the boat.

With age comes wisdom because I realized the way to LA was not to walk or bus it. Public transportation was literally non existent. New Yorkers nightmare indeed. I made sure we were prepared with a rental and tons of patience. Though patience in a New Yorker is nothing more than waiting for 5 minutes. Oy vey the traffic drove me insane but it was lifestyle that nobody dared to fight against – except maybe my boyfriend – and me in the backseat yelling.

So yes. I would call it an unsuccessful success story. Along with a few pounds on the scare because eating tons and eating well is a lifestyle in the West as well.


Shirt from Gypsy Warrior , Pants from Pacsun


9:30  Running through Korea town and making our way to my first meeting. But what would a visit to LA be without stops at Carl’s Jr. Yes, I eat tons of fast food. But Carl’s is the way to my heart – and arteries to say the least. Stopped into 1015 Store’s penthouse office and studio. Talks of styling and mini shooting their brand spanking new collection soon to hit you guys – hard! I fell in love with the city’s view – and the warm hearted people. New Yorkers need to warm up a bit – y’all mad rude.

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