Take a white shirt for instance: V-neck, Cotton made, single stitched… Simple. No frills attached. Now take a pair of black wide leg pants: Invisible, unnoticed, double stitched, thermoplastic silk… Still categorized as simple. Look closer. Simplicity is often overlooked as people get drawn to the world of frills. The fur coats, the red and […]


Theres always that one things in every vintage store that makes your heart beat a little faster. In this case, it was Yves Saint Laurent’s Nehru collar wool sharkskin jacket paired with Mr. Wang’s pleated wrap top over the cutest pair of Paul Smith’s wool plaid pants, Pringles, Lutz and Patmos, Herve Leger and more […]


The age of transparency has taught us that secrets have no meanings anymore. That those who keep secrets end up falling off the radar, unable to grow. Honesty and having an open mindset is the new trend just as Chiffon seems to be everyone’s new bestie this fall. “Secrets are inexistent” , Lagerfeld says. I’m […]

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So if you guys have been stalking my social mediums like good little bloglings, you’ll know that one of my scent and I have been in cahoots all summer to do up a giveaway. All the way from Los Angeles to the east coast, we bring you the full Commodity Experience! As seen on W magazine, GQ, […]

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I grew up wanting to be Pocahontas. That didn’t really work out too well. I never liked camping or fishing nor was the fashion of feather extensions ever for me as well. So a doctor it was. Sadly that didn’t go all too well either. I never liked blood ~ the sight or odor. That […]

I have worn this get up so many times and I’m still not sick of it. Alexander Wang says it’s one thing for someone who knows how to dress up and clean up well, but it’s how they dress down that makes it all interesting. Dressing down to me translates into boyfriend jeans + loose tanks […]

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I had so much fun collaborating with Ryan Chua over fashion week last week! Photos and the whole Fashion Week Wrap up next on my blog! But for now, I’m not an expert at tackling the Monday Blues but from experience, mind over matter and a few of these below have helped me. Adjust your […]

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Good Morning and Happy Sunday to all of you beautiful people! Today I will act as your morning paper ~ only better. They say to have a great day, you have to walk to it. To have a divine day, you have to start it off with optimism and confident thoughts. This is where I […]

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This isn’t some random DIY that will sit on your office desk & collect dust, guys. It’s literally the easiest, most effective DIY ever…for growing longer eyelashes & eyebrows at home. Side: we’ve talked about bitches girls who don’t share their beauty secrets. You know the type…the kind of girls who hide all their good tips/tricks. […]

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Everyone usually starts writing about Fashion Week’s day une. I shall write about my second. If you were truly committed to Fall this season at the Mercedes – Benz Fashion Week, you would have been draped in knits of cardigans and woolen trenches alongside buckled boots tied up to your knees. Unfortunately, mother nature did not […]


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