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I had so much fun collaborating with Ryan Chua over fashion week last week! Photos and the whole Fashion Week Wrap up next on my blog! But for now, I’m not an expert at tackling the Monday Blues but from experience, mind over matter and a few of these below have helped me. Adjust your […]

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Good Morning and Happy Sunday to all of you beautiful people! Today I will act as your morning paper ~ only better. They say to have a great day, you have to walk to it. To have a divine day, you have to start it off with optimism and confident thoughts. This is where I […]

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This isn’t some random DIY that will sit on your office desk & collect dust, guys. It’s literally the easiest, most effective DIY ever…for growing longer eyelashes & eyebrows at home. Side: we’ve talked about bitches girls who don’t share their beauty secrets. You know the type…the kind of girls who hide all their good tips/tricks. […]

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Everyone usually starts writing about Fashion Week’s day une. I shall write about my second. If you were truly committed to Fall this season at the Mercedes – Benz Fashion Week, you would have been draped in knits of cardigans and woolen trenches alongside buckled boots tied up to your knees. Unfortunately, mother nature did not […]

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Givenchy,  Marchesa, Prada and Versace. Then there’s street wear. You’ve probably already released  that fitted / Jordans / graphic tee generic image in your head when the word street wear came around. Sure, day beds are furnishings meant to brighten living rooms, giving them that “ushe” vintage Pier 1-esque feel to your home. But elaborate […]


Because there are none. My friends will never understand the idea of a home-cooked meal at 7:30 pm followed by some HGTV for dessert over an EDM concert day in and day out ~ nor will my boyfriend ever really understand how on earth it’s possible to create a look with a dress and a […]

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Next to a Louboutin Shoe sale , Fashion Week has got to be the next most hectic day in a fashionista’s life.  Relax and Breathe, it’s only fashion. What Blasphemy of a sentence is that? I jest. This year, I am saying no to sweating in between shows due to running from tent to theater. […]

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Thought I’d take this sunny mid-week opportunity to sit down and talk about some of the frequently asked questions I’ve been getting across Tumblr, Twitter, my inbox, Instagram and blog comments over the past couple of months. The last time I tackled a Q&A, I did a good amount of answering and thought you guys had a ball at reading my answers as […]


1. Navy Blue is your new best friend. Navy is the new black. Kill fall fabulously with all things navy. 2. Stand by the mantra of having two statement pieces in a single outfit. The louder the better ~ in  ways of class of course. 3. Just because you are in the business of blogging […]

Make up changes your mindset. The power in lipstick ~ one smear and you are ready to face the world with open arms. The right heels and you’re a new woman ready to take on what life gives off.  Then there are jeans: The perfect pair worn and I feel unattainable and unstoppable. Dressing up […]


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