Blogging Realness

Major realness today.  I feel I have to state a few truths about Blogging. Not in that ” oh I bought a new pair of shoes and they just magically repositioned themselves beautifully on my fur rug next to perfectly positioned sunflowers.”


But before the serious stuff, let’s focus on how I’m entirely obsessed with mesh this season. I may be freezing my bootie off but for mesh, I will gladly do so again and again. I have been on the longest and most tiring hunt for the perfect mesh back top and was blessed by DEKA Company’s presence in my wardrobe. I have worn this top 10 different ways and still has not gotten old. Don’t think it ever will! Paired with my Tobi bomber jacket  which I am excited to be talking about in the next few weeks!

IMG_6331 IMG_6333 IMG_6335

Now back to the realness.

Today I am clearing out misinterpretations about blogging aka what really happens behind the blog when you call us and I ask to call you back in an hour because I am super busy with my blog.

One of the things I find difficult about this job is most definitely the vagueness of the field itself. The usual question I get would be ” So, what is it that you actually do?”  If you have a family member that is a blogger, I’m sure you have asked them what the details of their job entails. And if you’re a blogger, I’m sure you’ve had people not take you seriously because of the mere fact that this career has been misunderstood more than a few times , time and time again.

I always get weird reactions , especially from adults/ the elderly when I mention things about my blog : Events, meetings, campaigns and what have you. It is a tiny bit frustrating to have to explain the logistics of my career but I feel that I am not only speaking for myself but I know I’m speaking on the behalf of tons of bloggers who have been feeling the same way as I.

I. Tons of people don’t believe that you’re actually busy because you run a blog.

“Isn’t it just taking a few photos and posting your “OOTD” online?”  Oh boy does that annoy me so much. Most blogs are businesses and make actual incomes. My blog is a business and a brand before it is an actual blog. Blogging entails more than just a few pictures. It’s photography, editing, writing, replying to emails at least 10297 times a day, graphics, meetings, Skype conferences, accounting, planning events, picking product, scheduling posts, social media stuff, traveling, designing, creating. It is non stop work around the clock. After my 9-5, its 6-1 am just blogging away the rest of my life. So I guess you can say I have a 24/7 instead of a 9/5, and you’ll never hear me complain. I love what I do and I can’t put my foot down to just being your average plain jane with a boring career/ job life. I hate swimming the same way as the rest of the fishes in the world.

II. That wrong perception of, ” Oh , you want to be a model , right?” 

So agitating.

No I don’t want to be a model. No I’m not looking to be Victoria’s Secret’s next runway doll nor am I looking to be on some billboard. Otherwise, I would be lining up for Old Navy’s model casting , right?! Let that be known. Just because we post our photos online and on social mediums, doesn’t mean we want to be a model. We simply want to post the clothing  ( which is a business and makes actual income from these posts).  I’m simply here to be women’s constant source of inspiration. I love to write, create, inspire and show women how to highlight the best versions of themselves.

III. Not everyone is going to like you

Ever heard of “you can’t sit with us bloggers?”

Ohhhh geez…they’re out there. Bloggers can be as catty as the high school cheerleading team…& I’m not interested in the head flyer position.

I’ve sat with a few bloggers who have become my good friends. Over coffee, we’ve sat down agreeing how bloggers get very competitive with each other and of course there’s a lot of gossip and cattiness. I would strongly advise everyone to not get into this and to focus on your own thing, most importantly creating your own original content, original style and stick to that. Energy doesn’t lie, if in the beginning it’s already at a bad taste, leave. You’re better off working on your blog alone and stick to people who support you.

IV. Instagram is as important as your blog

Yes we are picky about what we post on Instagram ( Photos must be uniformed, well edited and spotless most of the time) because it is a huge part of our blog. Without Instagram and Social mediums, there are no blogs. Instagram is the quickest way to connect with your readers.Take care of your Insta handles.

V. Blogging Can take over your life very easily

When I focus on blogging and gaining a lot of followers too much I always seem to lack inspiration so I’ve definitely learned to not only do other things than blogging but also to keep surrounding myself with people who work in a completely different field as I find that this is the best to keep your head in the right place and the inspiration flowing.

I confess, I confess, sometimes blogging takes over my world & I’m that annoying girl at the table who’s on her phone 24/7. BUT. I’m working on it. Seriously though. I am working on being more present.

Jeanne wears [ mesh top by DEKA Company, Bomber Jacket by Tobi, Mesh Platforms from Shelly's London]

Thanks Varick for the photos

xo, JG

xo, JG


Behind the ‘Grams [ GreyLayers Blogger Meet #SoHoTakeOver ]

There aren’t many things that give me quite as much simultaneous joy and heartbreak as stumbling on people bursting with such passion and going after their dreams. It brings such joy because it sets as inspiration for myself, heartbreaking because they are just as willing to use and abuse others simply to be the best at their careers. That phrase “taking over” is a seeming example. Taking over what exactly?

5-6454 6-6459 7-6461 9-6463 11-6472

I’ve grown tired of women in this industry constantly stepping on other women, using each other, countlessly breaking bonds and crushing trusts in exchange for that fame and wealth that they crave. And those that have been on the other side, having been used, left and stepped on, constantly would question genuinity. I don’t blame both sides. But negativity does nothing but keep stagnancy. Aren’t we all fighting to continue walking the path toward our passions? *This is where you agree.*

 Passionate people linking together can create boundless possibilities. I’ve preached it once, and I will continue to preach it. Waking up in the morning and reading amazing emails such as yourself starting a blog because of me is everything. There’s a tremendous sense of living in that. I couldn’t think of a better way to thank each of you, but to bring you all together!

This weekend was very special to myself and my blog. This weekend proved so much to me.  A heartfelt thanks to the many ( All 50 East Coast Bloggers ) Who came out and took over SoHo’s streets with me at our Meet Up. I was only expecting about twenty young ladies , but fifty was such an overwhelming surprise! * The love was surely felt.*

10-6469 14-6485 15-6489 16-6492 19-6511 20-6515 21-6518 23-6527 28-6548 29-6555 30-6559 31-6565 34-6577 40-6619 45-6654 46-6674 47-6677 49-6686 52-6740 53-6753 57-6765 61-6778 62-6781 66-6803 68-6805 72-6817 78-6854 82-6875 83-6879

 Reading blogs online and actually meeting these lovely souls only magnified their beauties a hundred times over. Personality and character over written posts and outfit of the days. Those pages I used to only read have turned into friendships over a simple meet last Sunday. Big bloggers to newly bloomed ones, lifestyle bloggers, to photo bloggers… fashion bloggers to food bloggers, you all showed up! Tons of people everyday ask me in interviews, photoshoots, coffee dates and dinners as to what continues my strength and what it is that fuels my inspiration to follow my love for fashion and blogging. It’s all these young people who push just as hard everyday and night to make something out of themselves and grab that sense of living in continuously doing what they love that allows me to continue just the same. You are all my inspirations. GreyLayers has grown because of you.

Nobody is too little to make a difference. Perhaps it starts with an outfit photo, or maybe a cup of coffee and a conversation. However it may be, know that somewhere, someone was inspired. Continue to run after what you love, I’m here to inspire you just as you are continuously inspiring me.

A huge hug to Nicla and Michel for the constant inspiration and support. Thank you for being one of the sponsors for this weekend’s first ever NYC GreyLayers blogger meet! Grace from ZeroUV, all 50 bloggers including myself felt the love from your cute sunnies last weekend! Thank you to Commodity Goods and Printed Village for continuously working with me! Last but not the least, to my loves at Ricky’s NYC, I was so honored by the cutest gift bags you all put together for this weekend! So much love for you all, and thanks won’t be enough to express my gratitude.

Thank you Varick and Hortencia for the lovely photos :)

This was the first GreyLayers Blogger Meet up and sure as heck won’t be the last one. It was way too amazing , inspiring and successful to not do another!

With all my love, JG


Reverie [v.] a state of daydreaming

I’m done with Winter and it hasn’t even happened yet. Just the thought of 9 degree weathered days, snow fall, and the curse of the Uggs ( liest ) … Already crippling my mind.


I shall blame it all on Ronit Genit designer of Reverie New York and Ricky’s NYC.  An afternoon spent with this bad ass combination was enough to convince me that fall should be the only season althroughout the world. Ronit’s new Fall / Winter Collection is astounding paired with Ricky’s new line of stockings.  It makes you forget how wonderful summer dresses are, as Ronit’s oversized pashmina dresses outshine any spaghetti strap tank like no other and Ricky’s polka dotted stockings make you forget bikinis ever existed. The two are quite the pair.

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to meet the lady behind the perfect hems and was the only dork in the room pinching myself to be working with her designs. If you’re not getting Givenchy vibes from her pattern, use of luxurious fabrics and design formulation, you’re on the wrong planet.

IMG_6259 IMG_6258  IMG_5993

Reverie is a New York based and produced womenswear brand. Ronit mentions to me
” My favorite part of designing is the process of creating her vision and concept for each season, but I also love’s to see people wearing the clothes and feeling special and unique in them. I love creating and researching the concept behind each design. My inspirations are always very fluid and come from many places, from street fashion, to art and sculpture. Sometimes ideas come from the most unexpected places.”
This combination has got me daydreaming of fall and I don’t mind it. Not one bit.
Shop Reverie and pick up the perfect pair of stockings from Rickys NYC.
xo, JG

Gypsy Warrior FNO Event

Do what you love and love what you do. The short / sweet version.

It’s funny how I’ve always held onto that as far as I was about 6. I remember it started with wanting to be Pocahontas when I grew up. Then it changed into a business woman after I found out how much fun it was to write on expired checks and hand it over to everyone at my mom’s old office on those “take your child to work days.” Then when I was about 10, I realized that writing checks isn’t for me after all. I’d rather be receiving them anyway * hair flip*.

Then something amazing happened.


I met Nicla and Michel, the founders of Gypsy Warrior, the boss ladies of loving what you do, the girls of adventure and all things Gypsy Warrior, the movers and shakers.  Along with the whole brand, they’ve empowered in me to believe in that possibility. Do not let the harsh reality of society make you abandon your passions. Follow your heart, but let your mind guide you along as well. Start somewhere, continue, and once you’ve reached your destination, keep going. Don’t be content, never forget why you started and most importantly the only reason for you to look back is to see how far you’ve come.

I love adventure, I love inspiring women and I love the business aspect of fashion and fashion itself. I guess becoming Pocahontas and being a business woman while loving fashion was possible after all.

IMG_6181 IMG_9980 IMG_9975 IMG_6180 IMG_0124 IMG_0076 IMG_0068 IMG_0025 IMG_0014 IMG_0004

To those who came out and enjoyed Gypsy Warrior’s Fashion Night Out, thanks for coming through! It was such an inspiring evening at their Ridgewood location.

Thank you to Sugar Supply for the rad cake pops! I wish I could just preserve them and never eat them , but they’re just as good as they look!

Thank you Trisha Singh for the photos!

xo, JG


More than just clothes: Shop Our Closet event

She’s got new pair of Balmains, time to write about it. Yes I shop Designer Vintage and always have specific Insta-Posting times to get the perfect amount of likes on a photo. I just purchased a domain! Now I have to add in that catchy name to go with my new ” dot com”. Oh! And I can’t forget to make sure I update my insta handle. Gotta make sure everyone knows I now am a blogger.

Everyone and their mothers , grandmothers and great aunts have blogs. Hell you can take an ” #ootd “, or a ” #wiwt” and hashtag that photo like nobody’s business ~ and voila! You are now a blogger. Anyone can do it. It’s what you do with your blog and with your sense of influence that makes you stand out.

The truth: The clothes do not make the blogger. 

Everyone is stuck on becoming the person they’re sitting next to and do what that individual is doing that in the end, they forget why they started in the first place.

IMG_5706 IMG_5707
IMG_5748 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset reedspace Reedspace2 Reedspace3 Reedspace4

The other truth: So who stands out now that everyone is becoming the next fashion blogger? 


The public’s naked eye seemingly never wants to go beyond what they believe bloggers to be and simply stick to the well known opinion that bloggers are all for themselves.  I definitely have regard to this opinion, but only up to a certain extent. Sure there are those that create videos about themselves, take photos of themselves non stop etcetera, etcetera as the list goes on for miles. Sure, it all comes with the territory. Sure you have exquisite taste, using fancy words as you create your new post, but how are you standing out from that individual sitting next to who who’s blogging about the same pair of pants, same pair of shoes and same cup of coffee? There is more to it than just aimlessly typing up new titles for posts and captions for new “IG pics”. There is more to it than just “selling clothes and selling looks. There is more beyond the social realms and instant gratification that bloggers seem to live for. This post is by no means to speak negatively of my career and the career of many, but an awareness to stand out and offer character into what you do.

As influencers of the new age, blogger or none blogger, we have a distinguished sense of power that if used right, can create big changes. Sit down for a second and marinate on that thought. Beyond the likes and number of followers, if there was a way to use your influence to make a change, what would you choose to do? What would you do if Social Mediums never mattered?

This weekend’s event I curated was a reminder for myself. Putting together all of our closets, we teamed up to raise awareness of the dangers of cancer by raising funds for the American Cancer Society to kick off October’s Cancer Awareness Month.

 Influence for the better . Blog more than just clothes because blogging is beyond fashion.  If used correctly for a bigger cause, that power can give way more self gratification than any Instagram like or follow ever will.

xo, JG

Thank you to Jeff Staple and the amazing team at Reed Space who made this benefit all possible! Thank you to Style Society Guy, Marie Mag, Joel Moore and North of Man for coming out and coming together to make this benefit a successful one! Check out their blogs ! Thank you to BROA Cafe for sponsoring the event! 

Thank you Trisha Singh for the Photos.

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the event and the cause! The portions of the proceeds have been donated to the American Cancer Society! 

Check out YHM Magazine’s Spread on the event.


Meet Sue

Take a white shirt for instance: V-neck, Cotton made, single stitched… Simple. No frills attached. Now take a pair of black wide leg pants: Invisible, unnoticed, double stitched, thermoplastic silk… Still categorized as simple. Look closer. Simplicity is often overlooked as people get drawn to the world of frills. The fur coats, the red and white polka dotted leather jacket, the velvet green dress with vintage gold and ruby buttons. An applause to the fancies, but it is the basics that make the outfit become the frills. Sue Maesta taught me that the most.

IMG_3250 IMG_3252 IMG_3253

Creating a line of simple headbands that’s able to create twenty looks , Sue Maesta took this simple product from our childhood and brought sexy back !  A single headband able to be a hat, a scarf, a beanie, a hair tie and even a wrap. As a matter of personal policy for the last two weeks, I haven’t left my house without my new toy.

IMG_3248 IMG_3249

The simple design can fool anyone. It sure fooled me. But always look closer. Simplicity has more to offer than what the eye sees. Behind every white shirt is that tuck waiting to be created, that knot sitting in patience, and  that necklace or jacket that will bring out endless possibilities onto that simple white V-neck shirt. Behind every Sue Maesta headband, is that twenty-first look waiting to be unfolded.  There is power in simplicity.

These amazing headbands can be purchased at Ricky’s NYC.

In Collaboration with Ricky’s NYC.

Thanks Varick for the Photos.

xo, JG


Old is New: An E. Tittlemouse Collaboration

Theres always that one things in every vintage store that makes your heart beat a little faster. In this case, it was Yves Saint Laurent’s Nehru collar wool sharkskin jacket paired with Mr. Wang’s pleated wrap top over the cutest pair of Paul Smith’s wool plaid pants, Pringles, Lutz and Patmos, Herve Leger and more Yves Saint Laurent. Yes, the quaint little store in downtown Jersey City nearly gave me a heart attack. One of the things I would gladly die for , besides homemade cream puffs.

 image1 image2 image3 image4 image5 image6 image8 image9 image10 image11 image12

I had the sweetest pleasure joining Napoleon and Belinda over some brunch at Marco and Pepe last weekend to speak about all the positive and lovely things vintage brings. Old things have a way of bringing new relationships together.

Thanks for the pictures Varick!

xo, JG


Sheer Shenanigans

The age of transparency has taught us that secrets have no meanings anymore. That those who keep secrets end up falling off the radar, unable to grow. Honesty and having an open mindset is the new trend just as Chiffon seems to be everyone’s new bestie this fall. “Secrets are inexistent” , Lagerfeld says.

I’m sorry Lagerfeld , but I will beg to differ on a certain extent. There are good parts and bad to all that exists. With that being said, let’s concentrate on the good for now.

To you readers who are forever asking how to grow your blogs, I won’t ever stop repeating myself: Collaborate. Open up. “Connections whether extensive or little, with always benefit you, ” says my sheer side. The other side never reveals secret number two. Get creative and build that yourself.

Today, I had the pleasure of working with AKA Clothing , a UK brand. Very well known in the UK and growing widely in the United States, their luxury contemporary collection has been seen on bloggers such as Arrest This Gal, Rebellionaire, Rachel T. Tyler, Visa Lom, Francis Lola and many more across the country sharing the same love for this amazing brand.

image1 image2 image3 image4 image6

Sheer leaves the imagination with enough wonder just as secrets leave just that right amount of mystery with that balance of respect. Too much and it becomes tasteless ~insignificant even. You become nothing as you reveal more. This is why I believe girls need not take their clothes off to be beautiful, significant and successful. Ladies, there is a right amount in everything. Balance. 

In Collaboration with AKA Clothing

Thank you Varick for the photos.

xo, JG

photo 2 (7)

Scents and Sensibility

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 4.11.46 PM

So if you guys have been stalking my social mediums like good little bloglings, you’ll know that one of my scent and I have been in cahoots all summer to do up a giveaway. All the way from Los Angeles to the east coast, we bring you the full Commodity Experience! As seen on W magazine, GQ, Refinery 29 and tons of fashion bloggers’ social mediums, its no doubt that they are taking over the scent industry ( move back Daisy by Marc Jacobs). I had so much fun putting this together with Commodity Goods, just as I had a great experience sampling and fitting their one of a kind scents.

 Teaming up with a 160-year- old French fragrance house to craft out their collection, scents such as Tea, Moss, Mimosa and Gold are more enchanting than their titles ~ guaranteed. I did a collaboration with Commodity Goods last June, featuring them as the ever versatile scent for my interior. Magnolia being one favorite of mine, never failed to blossom wonderful moods in my living room. Tea, being another favorite, always freshened my linens and bedspreads. Each 100 ml bottle incredibly exclusive, yet versatile enough to be able to synchronize together harmoniously. Who knew mixing tea and magnolia could create such beauty?

You might just be that one person to get that 100 mL bottled scent of your choice along with the fitting kit to help you pick the scent that best suits you!

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 4.58.03 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 4.59.53 PM

To Celebrate my love for Commodity Goods, we have teamed up to help spread to love and give one of you the full Commodity experience! Here’s how:


  • Follow @the.grey and @commoditygoods on Instagram
  • Repost this photo as many times as you’d like and hashtag #commoditygiveaway
  • Leave your email in a comment below
  • Give free hugs

Promotion ends on September 25, 2014 Thursday at 11:59 pm. Our lucky winner will be announced at 12 midnight on September 26, 2014.

Goodluck and love to all!

xo, JG

image (12)

Not another fashion post

image (14)

I grew up wanting to be Pocahontas. That didn’t really work out too well. I never liked camping or fishing nor was the fashion of feather extensions ever for me as well. So a doctor it was. Sadly that didn’t go all too well either. I never liked blood ~ the sight or odor. That rubber gloves + metal pungent smell never agreed with me. In between all the trial and errors trying to figure out what I wanted to be, I’d find myself sketching. Dresses, shirts, people etc. Fashion it was. But I took courses in biology anyway. Adding to that ,more courses in science ~statistics even. (I know right?) But it was always Fashion. That love never went anywhere. It was patient. Patiently waiting for me to accept it with open arms, take it in and work with it. It was to be my happy place. Through all the labs, the chem experiments, the calculations, it was always there. The only thing left for me to do was pursue what I was made to do.

image (13) image (12) image (11) image (10) image (8) image (7) image (6)

Never surrender your hopes and dreams to the fateful limitations others have placed on their own lives and want for yours. Don’t waste your talent. Whatever it is ~ a writer, a banker, a dentist, a designer, go after it.  The vision of your true destiny does not reside within the blinkered outlook of the naysayers. Judge not by their words, but accept advice based on the evidence of actual results. The heart and what its passions are, has reasons that the mind will never understand.  Friends and family who suffer the lack of abundance, joy, love, fulfillment and prosperity in their own lives really have no business imposing their self-limiting beliefs on your reality experience. Whatever it is you want to be, go and be it. By doing what you love, you will inspire and awaken the heart of others. You were born awaken your dream and make it a reality. Now go after it. I’m glad I went after mine.

Something different for the mid-week.

Photos by Ryan Chua

Jeanne wears [ White Romper by Tobi , Silk Blazer by Vintage Ferragamo]

xo, JG