February 25, 2015

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Clean, versatile and overall pleasing to the eye just like a plain white outfit,  how can you possibly tell with people these days? They all come off very friendly, but are they as intentional as yourself?  Are they as selfless as you? Are they as clean and pleasing as your whitened out get up?

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Nude with some ‘tude.

February 24, 2015

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Hair and Makeup done by 7 am, morning tea ~ two sugars and  lite milk with a side of oatmeal by 7:45 am and ready to take on my first meeting of the day by 8:15 am, you may probably say that I run a busy life. You’re incredibly wrong. I run a very busy life, practically living in cabs and subways. It’s great, I can’t ever complain one bit – especially with these new pair of feet I got on.

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The chicken or the egg

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Cosmetics has become a part of our lives,  like breathing. Caking foundations as we layer stroked of cream and concealer, crumbling pounds of velvet lipsticks for that perfect pucker. But really, where did it all come from and more importantly, why was it created?

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Playing with makeup has been known to have embedded into women’s blood streams since before we were born. It would be difficult to undo memories of myself first playing with my mom’s Fuchsia lipstick.

One word: Davis Factor.

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