Cutting Edge for a Cause: Mark Bustos

November 25, 2014

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I want to do something nice for you today.

Have a drink with Dewar’s and allow me to turn the direction of my blog to a breath of fresh air called inspiration. Fashion can only do so much until it can’t. Mark, a humble and soft spoken man found a way to extend it and touch hearts all around. A resident stylist at Three Square Studio in West Chelsea, this guy who cuts for designer Phillip Lim , also cuts for the unfortunate. Soak that in for a second.

I hope you did because quite honestly, you should.

haircuts-for-homeless-mark-bustos-4 haircuts-for-homeless-mark-bustos-13


I had the pleasure of having dinner with his girlfriend Lala and himself over burgers and onion rings , talking about my hair. It was quite easy to note how passionate they both are in their crafts.

If it’s one thing that’ll never go out of style as my mother always said, it’s your character. Find your passion, own it, be it and then share it. Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do, allowing it to make a difference.

Nice goes a long way.

In Collaboration with Dewar’s Live True Profiles

Can I help you? Your questions answered.

November 23, 2014

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@tayloreborden: How’s your bunny?

 He’s grown up so fast! I feel like he’s gotten greyer than black? But maybe that’s just me.


@shereeclaudette: How do you style your hair? I’m thinking of cutting mine really short next year and I’m nervous on how to style it myself?

 Haircuts vary and also keep in mind that hair textures are forever never going to be the same ( yours and mine.) When you see my hair wavey, it’s because I did not style it due to running around and not having enough time to. So to answer your question, I shower, and I leave it to dry. Once it’s dried, I add in a tiny bit of hairspray and voila!

@valeriemum: Will you mentor me into being a wonderful young lady as yourself?

Sure! It would help if you weren’t so far.

@catherineyo: Where did you get your “dance all night, sleep all day pillow cases? Also what do you use to style your short hair?

 I got it from Gypsy Warrior! They have “ Moon Child”, and “ Gypsy and Warrior” along with the one I have! Check them out.


@rachelhnng: Any tricks? Trying to cut mine similar to yours but it’s stick straight.

 Try moose and a blowdryer – together. Work the moose in while using your blow dryer and crumpling your hair. I don’t have stick straight hair , I might be the only Asian who doesn’t, thanks to my dad’s side of the family. So this is actually my natural hair.


@oh.darkingxo: How hard was it to get this popular on Instagram and do you have any advice for someone who wants to get known as well?

 I can’t really tell you “how hard” it was, because I didn’t really try to. It just sort of grew. So my advice for you would be to not try and chase fame, wealth etc. Do YOU. Do what makes YOU happy and stick to it. You’ll find that you’re more attractive that way and people will end up finding this more attractive rather than someone who tries so hard to be someone they’re not.


@mrs.row: How do you stay so positive at work, on social media and at home ?

 It’s actually more controllable than you think. For one, negativity doesn’t really do any situation any good, hence why I place myself as far from anything that causes negative energy as possible. It only creates more damage that it already has, so why feed it even more negatives? At work, I light my candles, which helps me focus a lot. On top of everything, I already really love what I do for Gypsy Warrior so no negative energy can break that. On Social, it used to be extremely hard for me because there would be people stealing my pictures/ stealing my pictures and photoshopping it to give me a bigger butt, or a curvier body/ cyber bullying where people who can’t be upfront with you in person end up being a coward and try to relay their “message” through their Instagram captions and the list goes on. Social Media Negativity is very hard to get away from because in essence, you can’t really get away from it. We’re on it But it has gotten easier. Mind over matter. They don’t matter to me.

Lastly, my home. My apartment is the most positive space in my life. It’s filled with inspiration, comfort, love and positivity. I never allow any negatives to break into its walls.


@despicablemai: What was your biggest hardship, how did you overcome it?

 Going through College was my biggest hardship. Imagine 4 years of science classes, labs, math classes and chem labs meanwhile you’re sitting there sketching out the newest shoe that Jeffrey Campbell should start making. The thing that got me through college was always dressing up in class. Yup, I was best dressed. Everyone had their lab coats and goggles and there I was with my yellow trenchoat and leather motto jackets. It was my only way of staying sane. Graduation was the best day ever. I was home getting so many emails from brands that wanted to start working with my blog while my Healthcare classmates marched to grab their diplomas. Yes, I asked mine to be mailed.


@olliesoi: Are you going to grow your hair back out or keep it short?

 Never. Short is chic. I’ve always had short hair ever since I could remember. My mother would chop each inch under my jawline. Throughout highschool I grew up out , finally. But after college, I realized how basic it looked and chopped it all off mercilessly.


@Niseydoll: Where do you get your fashion inspirations from?

 Alexander Mcqueen’s old collections are a continouse inspiration for me. And yes, tumblr does quite a bit for me too.


@Lissixiu: What music are you currently into ?

 Currently listening to Sza. Her voice is butter.


@helencxpter: I’d like to know what gets you through the bad days, what keeps you motivated and driven despite the hardships that cone with working in the fashion industry.

My boyfriend and my bunny get me through. It’s the little things that will make the biggest impact on your horrid days. If you were wondering about work: I have wonderful coworkers and my bosses are magical so nobody’s ever alone with their bad days J



@fluorescentberry: What Camera and editing apps do you use?

 I have a resident Photographer now. I’m not sure what camera she uses because I’m not at all tech savvy lol. If she doesn’t take the photo, it’s usually my iPhone 6. I hardly edit my pictures because of how amazing the quality of the iPhone is. I HATE filters. They are the bane of my existence.


@Sweetteaffanie: I just want to say that I’ve been following you on Instagram for over a year now and it’s amazing to me how you have grown. I remember at first you used to post many pictures that showed off how stunning and beautiful both your face and body were ( and still are) but slowly, your page showed more and more of who you were. You became more than just a hot modela dn are now such an influence with your great style and personality. Your quotes and captions for your page never cease to inspire me and they have helped me on random days in a way I never expected a mere Instagram caption could. I know this isn’t a question, but since I know you will be reading these comments, I just thought you should know that I appreciate your page and your blog. Keep it up and I can’t wait to see what you do out there!!

 Followers like you are the reason why I blog. Your passion gives me continuous passion. You’re so observant too, so thank you for that. It touches me to see that there are people who see the little things such as these.

 To those who remember my old instagram, you will remember my account filled with half naked pictures. One day I woke up and decided to delete all of them, not really understanding why, But I knew one thing: I grew up. And sometimes that doesn’t need an explanation , but it will come as a feeling of right and wrong. No girl out there should ever feel the need to post half naked pictures to bare consent of her beauty from complete strangers.

 After switching and doing what I absolutely love to do the most besides fashion which is inspiring people and blowing their minds away through my instagram and blog, I’ve realized a bigger response, more followers and higher likes The best part is knowing that just as I started loving myself and sharing that love with everyone, everyone started loving me even more. It only goes to show that doing something to please others will never get you anywhere if you’re whole body, mind and soul isn’t in it.



@la_nina : How do you style your hair with that perfect balance of messy and classy?

 See my responses above.



@tinay.baneenye: Eyelashes false? Real or not they look amazing! Also what are those makeup palettes on the photo? And dude… what is that dark lipstick you always use called? I am crushing on it!

 Yes, I’ve been wearing false lashes since I was 20 years old. It’s literally become another organ. My body isn’t complete without it. As sad as that sounds. The palettes in the photo are Urban Decay’s Naked Palettes. They’re the only shadows I ever use. My Dark lipsticks are all from Sephora and Kat Von D.


@joyce_su34: Winter Essentials? I love your blog!

 Boyfriend’s crewnecks, turtlenecks in every color (which is what I want for Christimas.), boyfriend jeans, jeggings and thigh high socks!

Thank you so much J anything you want me to write about let me know.

@ohsojustnye: What are your favorite makeup and hair products? What is your go to look? Your make up and hair looks flawless all the time!

 I love everything urban Decay. I have all their Naked Palettes, which is the only shadow I ever wear. I use NAKED the foundation as well. Hair products, Organix shampoos and conditioners never fails me. Everyday is a good hair day thanks to these babes.


@lifewith.ereisha: What goes through your mind when you’re posing for photos? Every post is unique and different!

 Thank you! I try to make sure there is a variety because I would hate for someone think my work is bland. I put my hundred to make every pose, every picture and post different. The only thing that goes through my mind when I pose is: I want this picture to inspire and wake someone up.


@aimeehx3: Do you curl your hair? If so, which iron and how many inches?

 Sadly I do not. My dad’s side of the family gave me wavey hair. I used to hate it until they invented moose and I learned to love it J


@Invadersfromthenorth: I just wanna know who takes your pictures!

My Resident photographer: Denisse and my boyfriend Varick

@not_theaverage_sam: When did you start blogging? What made you want to start?

 I started blogging April of 2014. I wanted to reach my followers and make an impact in their dashboards. I love what I do and I thought, why not write about it too.


@kaaaycruz: Whats your favorite mascara ? What’s your everyday makeup routine?

 I am a Benefit girl when it comes to my lashes. I love their “They’re Real” mascara!

 I use Neutrogena’s Grapefruit Wash in the morning. Then With my beauty blender I cover my face with NAKED’s foundation. Any spots leftover I cover with a concealer. I use NAKED’s flush bronzer and blush. My evebrows are made out of Anastasia both pens and pencils. I have a separate routine just for my eyebrows which will be for another day lol. Then I add in my lashes and call it a day J

@liz.dorwart: What is a brand influencer? I’m curious.

 Brand influencers are people on Social Media or Bloggers who have a high amount of following who brands use to represent their products. It is a marketing strategy which is a huge business.


@empowa: What was your major in college?

 Healthcare Management.


@911.p: Tips that a new model should know?

 Be Open minded. Stay open Minded.


@chatoyailuro: Can you start a youtube channel please?

 I am honestly thinking about it. Tune in J Maybe I’ll surprise you guys in 2015!


@kaylaysabel_: What made you want to cut your hair and how did you get the courage to?

 Well, I’ve always had very short hair growing up. I was never allowed long hair. But in College it was a thing for me because it was different. It was what I’ve never had! However I’m pretty sure Im born for short hair because I had no problem chopping over 10 inches off myself. Short hair is home.


@ggeoz: What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail

 Exactly what I’m doing now. I always have this mindset of trying anyway. Failing will be there but it’s only after you’ve tried that you can say you failed. Otherwise, I’m trying it all out!



@j0ot: How did you get started to be where you are now?

 I started with tons and tons of mistakes. Which I still come across at times. But that’s what led my here and I can’t be any more grateful for my struggles and mistakes.


@asiana98: I recently cut my hair short like yours. How do you curl it and keep it messy but cute? You’re my idol!

 See above ! Thank you , that’s amazing and I hope to never disappoint.


@farahsworld: What is your favorite place to shop at?

 Gypsy Warrior because I love my team. Club Monaco and J Crew because I like my clean lines done right.



@ana.velzq: Do you wash your hair everyday?

 Yes. Asian hair gets super oily and gross.


@himnattie: What would you consider your “lazy day” routine when it comes to hair, makeup and clothing?

 Lazy days for me would be my wavey hair, no lashes and crewnecks or turtlenecks.


@amrkt: You should start a youtube channel!

 I am in 2015!


@mrschopstick: Everyday makeup and Favorite skincare products?

 For everyday makeup , see above. My all time favorite skincare products are everything Neutrogena! I swear by Drugstore skincare brands!


@flieder_: What is your statement wardrobe piece?

 My leather motto jacket and boyfriend jeans. Both from Evolve Clothing Gallery!


@small_zombie: What is your “everyday skincare routine and products of use?” What brands of lipstick do you love? Are you a vegetarian and how do you stay fit? Anna Semenova is my friend too!

 I use Neutrogena’s Grapefruit wash to cleanse my makeup off. Then I scrub with Lush’s Dark Angels Charcoal scrub. Less is best when it comes to skin care. I Swear by Sephora’s lipsticks and lipstains. Nobody can beat their colors and quality. Nope, I love bacon. I wish I can tell you how I’m so little , but I think it’s all in my metabolism to be honest. I love Anna! J She’s a doll.


Photos by Denisse Benitez 

Say it with Diamonds [ In Collaboration with YNC ]

November 22, 2014

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“The Shoes make the man,”

Said no one ever.

Louboutins are classics, but ladies let’s be real, if people aren’t looking at your shoes, they are looking at your nails. An amazing fellow blogger Camila Coelho created a dynamically bold line of nail lacquers to make sure they forget about your shoes altogether. Just like outfits, what you create on your nails portrays you. With YNC’s nail color collection in Blue Jade, Forever Pink, Tropical Salmon and Purple Dream, you may be wearing all black, all white or perhaps all floral, either way– these nails will accessorize, creating a statement.

Jeanne-9791   Jeanne-9842

In this case, forget Louboutins because Diamonds will always be a girl’s best friend. Yup you thought right. Camila Coelho’s new lacquer line is dazzling with rough diamond powder glistening as you apply while acting as a nail strengthener as well.

Jeanne-9807 Jeanne-9822 Jeanne-9732

YNC Nail polishes are the new accessories. A line of trendsetting nail lacquers created to dress up your get up. Available in four Spring Colors to welcome Fashion Week that’s coming up, be sure to check out YNC by Camila Coelho at Ricky’s NYC.

In Collaboration with Camila Coelho and Yenza Brazilian Beauty

Amazing photos by Denisse Benitez